Sci-Fi Weapons 2

Four years after the release of Sci-Fi Weapons sound library Sound Response brings you much anticipated second installment – Sci-Fi Weapons 2 with a professionally designed, brand new sci-fi audio arsenal ready to bring some serious cybernetic mayhem into your production and immerse your audience into a futuristic combat experience!

With twelve different categories of various futuristic laser weapon sound effects Sci-Fi Weapons 2 sound library features everything from assault rifles, ray guns, submachine guns, plasma guns, bolt guns, electric guns, light pistols, heavy pistols, energy guns, all the way to the massive canon blasts and a variety of hi-tech loading and charge/recharge sound effects! With this sound library at your disposal you’ll be equipped with the cutting edge futuristic sci-fi laser shots, blasts, explosions, and automatic bursts, ready to unleash cybernetic sonic hell in any game, movie, trailer, video, and other projects featuring futuristic combat and sci-fi action scenes!

Sci-Fi Weapons 2 sound library contains 412 sound effects (400 MB) in high definition 24bit/96khz Stereo WAV format, embedded with metadata to speed up your workflow and separated into twelve categories: 1.Assault Rifles 2.Ray Guns 3.Canons 4.Light Pistols 5.Heavy Pistols 6. Machine Guns 7.Submachine Guns 8.Electric Guns 9.Plasma Guns 10.Bolt Guns 11.Energy Guns 12.Loading

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