Terms and Conditions


By using this website you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. If you do not agree with any of the terms listed here do not use Sound Response website.

Ownership and Copyright

You acknowledge that any and all content, information, material, data, products, product names, text, files, interfaces, web pages, logos, images, photographs and graphics contained on this website are the property of Sound Response or its licensors, as the case may be, and are protected by copyright and intellectual property rights laws. You do not acquire ownership rights to any content or document obtained through this website.  You may not republish the content from this website (including republication on another website), reproduce it, copy it, sell it, or otherwise use this website or its content for commercial purposes without our express written consent. You may not edit or otherwise modify any content from this website.

Purchasing, Payment and Downloading Sound Response Products

All Sound Response products are in digital format (digital downloads) and they are all delivered digitally (downloadable only). We do not sell physical products.

All payments on Sound Response website and delivery of our products are handled by our trusted partners from FastSpring, a US-based company specialized in safe and secure internet sales. We take your security very seriously, and accepting credit/debit card payments is a very serious matter. Instead of processing your order details ourselves, we rely on our authorized partners at FastSpring. FastSpring specializes in safe, secure internet sales, and they are fully PCI-DSS compliant. FastSpring employs Verisign SSL Certificates that meet the highest standard in the Internet security industry for secure transactions. It is important for you to know that FastSpring do not store your credit/debit card numbers, so there is no chance of unauthorized access or the numbers being stolen after a purchase is completed.

Once the payment has been received an email will be sent to you automatically by FastSpring with download link to the product you have purchased. We recommend saving all emails from FastSpring, as it will contain receipt and order numbers you may need. It is essential that you provide a correct email address. We cannot be held responsible if you do not receive your download links due to your submission of an incorrect email address. If you do not receive your download links by email, or if you experience any other download problem, please contact our authorized partner FastSpring at: orders@fastspring.com

Download links are valid for 7 days. Every download link has a limited number of download attempts. Number of download attempts vary from 4 attempts to 14 attempts, depending on the file size. The larger the file, the more likely there may be download problems, and the more attempts you may need to complete the download. If you run out of available download attempts please contact us by email at info@soundresponse.net and explain why it happened. We may provide additional download attempts at our own discretion.

If you decide to choose the credit/debit card as your payment option, your card will be debited immediately after your order has been fully placed.

All products are compressed into rar files (made smaller using compression software) to enable faster downloading.

VAT (Value Added Tax)

For European customers, please note that the EU requires charging VAT (value-added tax) to downloadable purchases by non-business consumers located in the EU. Our trusted partners from FastSpring collect and pay VAT to the appropriate authorities for all purchases made by customers from EU countries.

Business customers are able to waive VAT charges by providing a valid VAT ID at time of purchase.


Sound Response will not be held responsible if, by any chance, you do not find Sound Response audio files suitable for the particular project/production that you’re working on. Sound Response will not be held responsible for any loss of profit or any other loss or damage arising from the use of any audio files licensed from Sound Response in whatever form. All responsibility or liability for any damages caused by the Sound Response product, including, without limitation, damages caused by computer viruses or other malicious code contained within the products is disclaimed.


You agree to indemnify and hold Sound Response harmless from any liability, loss, claim and expense, including reasonable legal fees, related to your violation of terms and conditions, policies or license agreement.


Sound Response products are sold as digital downloads only. Because of that once they have been downloaded it is not possible to return them. Therefore we do not offer refunds. For more information please refer to our Refund Policy.

Editing Website Content

Sound Response reserves the right in its sole discretion to change the terms and conditions, policies and  license agreement at any time, without prior notice. Please review this page regularly in order to stay familiar with the current version of terms and conditions. All previous versions will be superseded by the current version. Sound Response reserves the right in its sole discretion to change or discontinue any product, information or any other feature of this website, at any time, without prior notice.