Binary Code Music Theme

Due to the growing popularity and constant demand throughout the years, what started as the background music for Binary Code interface soundpack is now finally a full music track available for licensing!

You asked numerous times for Binary Code Music Theme to be a part of your production and now, for the first time, it’s possible to license the music and add that Binary Code synthwave vibe to your production, be it film, game, TV show, commercial, podcast, youtube video, audio book, and other productions!

Friendly Note

If, by any chance, you plan to include Binary Code Music Theme, in whole or in part, in a Youtube video then please do not enable the Youtube Content ID feature because Youtube algorithm may falsely claim the original release. By enabling the Youtube Content ID feature you’re basically telling Youtube that you are the copyright owner (licensor) of the licensed music, not the licensee (the party that receives the license), and then Youtube’s Content ID will automatically search for the matching content and wrongly send a copyright claim. For more information about the usage of the licensed music please read the License Agreement below.


License Agreement

Music delivery: Download

For a multi-user license please contact us directly


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